8 Popular Living Room Furniture Themes for 2022

If you’re remodelling your living room and want to know what the latest trends are, you’ve come to the right place! These trends can be found from examples of furniture in Gwynedd, or other locations. We’ve collected eight of the most popular living room furniture themes of 2022 below; keep reading to find out how you can use these ideas in your own home!

1) Retro Decor and Modern Furniture

Retro-inspired decor is among the most popular living room furniture themes in 2022. Many homeowners are turning to retro furniture, especially furniture that references mid century modern design. This style blends old and new into a look that’s popular with young people as well as older homeowners who want a nostalgic look.

2) Organic Decor, Colors, and Patterns

Big data has shown that organic decor, colors, and patterns are all on-trend in living rooms of 2022. From natural looking furniture with soft shades to chic greenery arrangements and bright accent walls—organic elements are emphasised in living room designs. This trend is boosted by another: second-hand furniture sales. Second hand means cheaper prices (and who doesn’t like cheap?) but it also means a higher risk of things like bacteria or even mildew infiltrating your new sofa—not ideal!

3) Minimalist, Scandinavian Designs

While minimalist designs are nothing new in furniture and decor, they’re definitely still popular. Scandinavian-style home goods—particularly Scandinavian chairs—are widely available online, through furniture shops and through retailers. As these trends grow in popularity among homeowners, we can expect to see more products featuring clean lines and light colors in living rooms over the next few years.

4) Industrial and Rustic Design

Sleek, minimalistic furniture often comes at a premium price. If you’re shopping on a budget but still want a high-end look, industrial or rustic design is your best bet. This kind of furniture has been rising in popularity over recent years and with good reason—it gives off an air of minimalism while also complementing more intricate, detailed decor.

5) Floral, Garden, Earthy Designs

Garden lovers will love having a beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers to decorate their living room. This can be found at most furniture shops and garden centers, especially around spring and summer. Decorate these vases by making an arrangement or adding a simple ribbon to bring it all together.

6) Natural Wood Grain and Design

Natural wood furniture and decor is sure to stick around as a popular living room furniture theme for 2022. That’s because it not only looks warm and inviting, but also features furniture storage options like cabinets, drawers, and hooks. When you want to put your space together in a hurry or need extra storage without taking up too much visual space, consider cabinets with built-in charging stations or hidden bookcases that double as media centers.

7) Quirky and Fun Designs

Traditional living room furniture styles are becoming less popular every year, as people opt for more quirky and fun designs. Tastes in color, design and function will change over time, with home decor fads being one of the most consistent factors that inform our tastes. Over time we have found ourselves incorporating more furniture storage into our living rooms, which has had a direct impact on how we place our furniture.

8) Cosy Homes And Environment Friendly Designs

Green living is all about being aware of your impact on nature. By incorporating environmentally friendly designs into our homes, we’re creating a more sustainable future. Soft furnishings that are durable and created with materials such as hemp and flax can be used to make soft yet practical furniture pieces that complement any home. Hemp and flax fabrics are not only eco-friendly but also comfortable.


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