Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

Would you know how to choose between artificial grass and natural grass? The synthetic model could not even enter into comparison in the past as it was not considered equal to natural vegetation. However, technological advances in the area have changed this scenario. Therefore, more and more people put it on the scale when choosing the natural or artificial model.

Benefits Of Artificial And Natural Grass

Artificial Grass

The artificial turf – or synthetic, is made with fibers that mimic the natural foliage. Composed of non-toxic materials, it is not considered a health risk and offers more significant savings. At first, the cost of applying artificial grass can be frightening since it is considerably higher than the price of natural grass, even because it is a long-term investment – since it does not require maintenance work and has a valuable life significantly longer than the natural.

Its more excellent resistance makes the synthetic grass a better option for sports spaces since it can be trodden frequently without suffering the same wear and tear as the natural lawn. The maintenance of the space is also more straightforward and less frequent since an occasional brushing next to the hose is enough to keep the lawn well maintained. Besides, the synthetic material has a drainage system that prevents the accumulation of rainwater.

A legal example according to Living green  of the application of artificial grass is the soccer field composed entirely of this material.

Natural Grass

The lawns with natural vegetation are classic and include thermal comfort since the foliage refreshes the environment and provides proximity to nature. A legal point to note is that the installation of natural grass is much lower than that of artificial grass; however, there will be a more significant expense in maintaining the space – as it needs to be watered, pruned, fertilized, and adequately sprayed.

Finally, natural grass requires periodic replanting in places of wear. This is a disadvantage for places with animals and children: they both like to run, damaging the lawn. It is also not suitable for shaded places, as it needs sunlight to stay healthy.


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