Hidden Spy Camera inside a Rock? Hi-tech Spy Supply

This is a Completely new bit of Pro spy gear. The XtreameLife Hidden Rock Camera! Spy Supply doesn’t get much better than this.

This is a completely functional hidden camera That appears as an ordinary rock inside a garden, or by the bottom of a tree. However The XtreameLife Landscape Stone is way from ordinary. And also to refer to it as a concealed camera is really a gross understatement.

Lets snoop just a little closer only at that work of genius art! Children me, it do not get much better than this. Starting having a hidden camera that may be either color, or black and white-colored, plus they hide it inside a realistic searching stone, It will get cooler came from here. Next lets give a on-board Digital Dvr, so readily stored away completely all-in-one.Pretty clever-huh. Hold on.

Next let us only for kicks result in the whole unit use motion recognition. This means that no storage has been utilized on the system unless of course something passes before it. This can be a bit of pro spy gear.

If all this isn’t enough, then lets add some COOLEST PART. Let us add an interior battery that last as long as an entire year on one charge! That’s incredible! What happens battery technology like that will perform the spy supply industry? Amazing. I can not wait to determine it in Gps navigation tracking, or audio bugs.

But lets return to the rock. It was once that to be able to secure the outdoors of your dwelling it meant buying and installing an entire home security camera system. Cameras, wires, brackets, connectors, and indeed an electronic recorder which costs hundreds. Don’t misunderstand me a burglar camera product is the grade of the, however they don’t go united nations observed, plus they undoubtedly are not so portable.

That’s an execllent part of the XtreameLife landscaping stone. If you prefer a different view, just get it and move it. That easy!

If you’re a entrepreneur that travels a great deal the XtreameLife is 100 % portable. It being powered by batteries it doesn’t to become connected. And Holding electric power charge for any year, you don’t even need to bring the charger whenever you travel.

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