Humidity: it can quickly be responsible for a real health problem in your home since cockroaches, mites and fungi proliferate and develop faster in humid places.

How To Know When There Is Too Much Humidity In Your Rooms

A strong, musty smell is typical of humid rooms; it is due to the presence in the air of invisible spores of fungi which proliferate as soon as there is a little humidity. The paint where the coating of your walls peeling off, the presence of mould on the walls and the edges of your windows are all typical signs of high humidity. You can also equip yourself with a hygrometer available on the market.

Which Solutions

Many solutions exist, but you must first identify the origin of this humidity. In essence, it can be due to poor ventilation of your rooms due to the absence or malfunction of your installations. There are simple solutions that can quickly save your condo near Chao Phraya River (คอนโด ติดแม่น้ําเจ้าพระยา which is the term in Thai)

Ventilate Your Rooms And Cupboards

Lack of air circulation keeps humidity in your rooms, so open doors and windows to ventilate, at least once a day. In your cupboards, you can put a bowl of salt, a preferably coarse salt which absorbs moisture even better, others will prefer gum arabic which is also a good absorbent and which also has the advantage of smelling good. Put silica gel in sachets in your cupboards; it can also significantly reduce humidity.

Have New Installations Installed And Have The Ones You Have Checked

Your bathroom must be equipped with an air extractor, check that it works. If you do not have this installation, ventilate your bathroom after each shower, you can also place a portable air dehumidifier there.

Check the hood of your kitchen; if it does not work, it can be responsible for an increase in humidity, the vapours that are released when cooking food quickly spread in the air and can keep your kitchen at a very high humidity level.

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