The Five Property Features That House Buyers Want

The housing market is doing exceptionally well and it is giving many homeowners the opportunity they need to think about selling their property. There is significant potential for asking prices to be achieved or beaten as neighbourhood competition continues to grow. However, this competition also works against buyers and, to get ahead, one must outshine the competing properties and offer what buyers want.

There are a number of property features that house buyers want and they change as time goes on. As we enter 2022, a number of new trends have begun to set in. This means that, for those planning to put their home on the market, considerations should be made to understand the assets buyers are likely to be seeking. Here are the five most important.

Charging Point

While electric cars are still only a small part of the UK’s car population, they are quickly growing in ubiquity. And, with government initiatives seeking to encourage their uptake, as well as minimise the production of alternatives, forward-thinking residents are looking to stay ahead with home charging points.

While charging points are relatively affordable, it is the rewiring of a home that can be costly, especially when location tends to be an issue. However, if a homeowner is willing to invest, they will find themselves outshining the competition.

Home Office

In a new era of teleworking, spare bedrooms are taking a backseat to the priority of home offices. Working from home has not only become the preferred method of employment for many but it is also increasingly commonplace for businesses too, as they seek to minimise their reliance on central spaces.

As a result, house buyers have a great preference for homes that have established professional spaces. It’s also a good reason for many to buy log cabins and other outbuildings, enabling them to establish such offices in their garden when limited elsewhere.

Smart Infrastructure

Homes with integrated smart infrastructure reap a number of benefits, from saving money to the luxury of having basic tasks eliminated. Features of a room, such as lighting and music, can be set to enable when a family member enters, and turn off when they leave. Boilers can turn on when a family are home or be operated remotely via a mobile phone app. When compared with other homes, those with smart features are a step ahead.

Social Set-Ups

Being able to socialise at home is a huge priority for many and houses that fail to allow for such gatherings are likely to lose interest. Dining tables and social areas should be given due attention, with a design emphasis on the space that a home can offer to guests. Other features, such as a guest room, are important too!

Underfloor Heating

Heating options are abundant but few are more attractive than underfloor heating. For homes without the fundamentals in place, it can be quite the undertaking to install them, requiring floors to be uplifted and the proper plumbing to be installed. However, it is a worthy investment, especially for those looking to sell their home as it is among the most sought after luxuries on the property market.