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Build a terrace, yes, but where? The choice of the location of your future terrace is essential. Several criteria come into play to determine its optimal position.

Orientation: at what time of day do you want to enjoy the sun? How much weather will the patio be exposed to? This orientation will also have an impact on the choice of the coating of your terrace, and more particularly on its color. Opt for the deck builder North Augusta SC now.

Proximity to trees: is the location shaded? Are there trees nearby that might get in the way, drop leaves or fruits, or on the contrary bring welcome shade?

Access: will you access it from the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or directly from the outside? If you want to have meals there, this question is very important.

Building a terrace: how to prepare the ground?

Before building a terrace, you have to take care of the ground: level it, flatten it, all in order to erase any roughness. Depending on your situation, earthworks and raising may be required. Then, pedestals, breeze blocks or a slab all concrete-based are installed to serve as a support for the terrace: we speak of “covering”. 

The leveling off the ground is therefore an essential point to approach before you start the work. Especially since these earthworks expenses, linked to the choice of the location of the terrace, will impact your budget.

What type of patio is best for my house?

According to your tastes and, above all, according to the nature of your house and your land, you can build a terrace:

  • Adjoining, or called “on one level” since it is built at the same level as your accommodation,
  • Raised, from 60 cm above ground level,
  • Suspended, or on stilts, that is to say supported by a frame hanging perpendicular to your facade. It is generally based on several load-bearing beams fixed to the ground,

What material to choose for the coating?

The vast majority of terraces are made from one of the following 4 materials: wood, stone, concrete or tiling. Everything is a matter of taste, budget and maintenance. 

Building a Wooden Deck

Easy to install on adjustable pedestals in this case, there is no need for a concrete slab, which also makes it possible to avoid the impoverishment of the soil located under your terrace, it is respectful of the environment. Natural or composite, it is available in the form of gratings or slats, and offers the best quality-price ratio, since earthwork is not obligatory in the context of installation on pedestals.

Building a Tiled Terrace

Very resistant, durable, non-slip and easy to maintain, this material is available in different colors, aspects and shapes. Whatever material you choose, avoid corrosive products when cleaning. The price of each of these materials can vary from 20 dollars / m2 to more than 150 dollars / m2 depending on the variety chosen: type of stone, quality of concrete, species of wood.

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