What You Need to Know Before Undertaking Demolitions in Newcastle

Demolitions are a common part of the construction industry. They can be used to demolish old buildings and make way for new ones, or they can be used to remove hazardous materials from a site.

Demolition is a complex process that requires careful planning and specialist equipment. The following advice should help you get started:

Know if the building is safe

If there has been a fire in your home or if it’s been abandoned or neglected, know that it’s not safe to enter. If you must enter the property, contact your local fire department and have them help you out with safety measures. They will be able to tell you what needs to be done in order to make sure no one gets hurt while entering the building.

Consider using a skip bin instead of hiring contractors

Skips are great for disposing of old furniture and other items that are no longer needed in your home. You can also use them for demolishing old sheds and buildings during renovations, so they’re worth considering when planning out what type of contract you’ll need for this type of work. It’s also helpful if you own a skid steer loader or excavator that can help speed up demolition Newcastle projects by hand-digging holes or moving debris away from structures around them.

Understand the laws

Be aware of any restrictions imposed by your local council or building regulations department. These may include the maximum height of a building or area you can work in, and any rules about dumping materials at landfill sites. You should also check whether there are any specific regulations regarding asbestos removal in your area.

Check insurance policy

Check your insurance policy coverage before embarking on any demolition project. If you have insufficient cover, then getting extra cover from an insurer can be expensive due to high premiums and additional charges. If you’re uninsured, then you’ll have to cover any costs if something goes wrong during the course of your project.


Another important thing that you need to know is how long it will take for them to demolish the building once they have started working on it. You should make sure that they give you a timeline so that you know when exactly they will be done with the job. It would also be wise if they gave you a price quote beforehand so that there won’t be any surprises later on down the line when they start working on your property or building.

If possible, ask them about their experience dealing with similar projects before hiring them as well because this can help save time and money since they already have experience dealing with similar projects beforehand.

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