NuCore LVP – How Thin is Pro-Tek Laminate Flooring?

Many consumers are wondering: “How thick is Pro-Tek laminate flooring?” In fact, NuCore LVP is much less expensive than Pro-Tek laminate, but is it really any different? You can see both sides of the debate in this comparison of the two flooring types. ProTek has long been the industry leader in the manufacturing of quality flooring products, so you can trust the brand name behind your new floor. Read on to find out which option is best for you.

NuCore LVP flooring is less durable than Pro-Tek laminate flooring

Consumers have mixed feelings about NuCore LVP flooring, but it’s easy to see why the latter is the preferred choice. While NuCore LVP flooring has an impressive range of benefits, such as the ease of installation and high-quality construction, its shortcomings make it a poor choice for sunrooms or sunroom flooring. While it is less durable than Pro-Tek laminate flooring, it retains its sheen and is easy to clean.

NuCore LVP flooring is thick and durable and comes in several finish options. The Original and Performance ranges cost around $2.40 to $4.50 per square foot and feature durable, waterproof vinyl cores. NuCore LVP flooring has a pre-attached cork underlayment and waterproof core. It is not suitable for sunrooms and needs regular vacuum cleaning.

LifeProof LVPs are slightly less durable than Pro-Tek laminate flooring but are still cheaper than most economy brands. The COREtec One and Galaxy lines feature a waterproof core that prevents water from damaging your wood subfloor. The COREtec Premium and Pro LVP also include a 3mm pad for better sound reduction. Regardless of which product you choose, you’ll find it hard to go wrong with Cali Bamboo.

NuCore products can be installed in multiple rooms. Because they don’t require nails, glue, or transition strips, you can install NuCore LVP flooring in multiple rooms. If you have uneven subfloors, NuCore LVP flooring is less durable than Pro-Tek laminate flooring. However, the installation process is simple and fast. It requires a clean and dry subfloor and is compatible with multiple floors. Using a self-levelling concrete underlayment helps to level out uneven floors.

Because LVP planks are made of a flexible material, they tend to be more pliable than other types of wood. The top layer is not UV-protected, so wood-looking LVP flooring may fade or discolour if exposed to sunlight. To get the best results, consider LVP flooring with a 20 mil wear layer. This will help protect your floors and make them more scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

NuCore LVP flooring is less expensive than Pro-Tek laminate flooring

Although a bit more expensive than Pro-Tek laminate flooring, NuCore LVP flooring can be found for under $2 per square foot. It’s 5.5mm to 8mm thick, which puts it in the same price range as Armstrong and Coretec. Additionally, NuCore LVP flooring is completely waterproof, making it a great option for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, NuCore LVP flooring can be installed in any room, including the bathroom and kitchen.

The biggest drawback to NuCore LVP flooring is its price. It’s significantly less expensive than Pro-Tek, but it lacks a few features. Many reviews left out details, like whether it’s suitable for sunrooms and other high-moisture areas. Furthermore, the company’s website does not include reviews, so buyers are left to guess about the product’s durability.

The LifeProof LVPs cost between $2.99 and $4. However, compared to NuCore LVPs, LifeProof LVPs require additional underlayment. For concrete slabs, Shaw recommends using a 6mil moisture barrier. If you’re considering NuCore LVP, it will likely cost less than Pro-Tek laminate flooring. While NuCore LVP flooring is less expensive than Pro-Tek laminate flooring, you should be aware that its price is not comparable to the other two.

The most significant advantage of NuCore LVP flooring over Pro-Tek laminate is its warranty. The company guarantees the product for 15 years, but it does not cover damage caused by high-traffic areas, improper cleaning, or improper maintenance. The warranty, however, does not cover the cost of replacing the flooring in high-traffic areas. Although NuCore LVP is cheaper than Pro-Tek laminate flooring, NuTek LVP offers better protection.

Although Pro-Tek laminate flooring is the most expensive, NuCore LVP flooring is not a bad choice for sunrooms. It’s waterproof, but the warranty is only prorated and only applies to the original purchaser. The warranty also does not cover the cost of installation, labor, and many common damages. NuCore LVP is also resistant to dents and scratches, but this is not reflected in its warranty.