How to improve the appearance of floor?

The flooring of your home tends to get dull from time being. This is due to the external factors such as environmental conditions. A good floor appearance will not only look attractive and beautiful but it will also give a soothing touch on your feet when you walk. There are many ways through which the appearance of floor can be enhanced. One of the ways is through using Floor polisher [เครื่อง ขัด พื้น, which is the term in Thai] which makes the floor to shine. This process is known as buffing which is quite expensive. Buffing is being mostly preferred now a days as it tends to lasts more. On the other hand people tend to paint floors so that there room looks new again. This process is inexpensive as compared to buffing. For people who cannot afford buffing and still wishes to make their floor look clean and new. They can put carpets in their room which tends to be cheaper and time saving methods as well. Out of all, floor polisher can make things work for you if you are willing to invest in it.

Is it necessary to maintain the floor after buffing?

A shiny floor will look attractive and you do not want to make it dull again. It is always recommended that you keep your floor clean and away from dirt. Refrain from using shoes on floor as it may affects its appearance. Keep a habit to vacuum your floor regularly. If you are one of those person who goes to work and do not have enough time to clean your floor. Then vacuum tends to be one of the best option available as it helps you to save your time.

How to repair the scratch on the floor?

It is not always recommended to go for the option of buffing. If you have fine scratches on your floor then use special wood maker which fills in the gap and make your floor even.