Just like all the religions have their special religious designated places just like that in Islam mosques are the places that are used for praying and gathering for religious activities. To make the stay and praying area comfortable for the people rugs and carpets are usually laid down on the floors.

Prayer rugs or carpets are also known as sajjada or namazlik in different languages are the most used rugs in mosques. These mosque carpets can be different because of various reasons. Most of those carpets are prepared on orders and the designs, arches, and mihrabs are all in different styles and areas.

Mihrab and arch is the space on the carpet or mosque rug designed so that it points towards the altar where all Muslims pray too which is the house of God the Kaaba in Makkah. These mihrabs are distinct to each continent or country they are designed in which makes them a trademark of the country. Some rugs or carpets are made so that many of the mihrabs are printed or designed next to each other making it a big prayer mat. Those mihrabs and mosque carpets are known as brother rugs or also known as saffs.

Carpet mosque’s most basic purpose is to protect the person praying from the hot and cold of the floor and to keep him focused on the deed he came to do. This also keeps the mosque looking beautiful and a calm place to pray.

Now that we know the religious value of the mosque carpets with a hint of the history. It is necessary to keep in mind the required features of a carpet or rug for the mosque. It is better to buy something easy to maintain and to keep clean.

Just so you know that carpets are used five times a day or more in the mosque, it is advised to buy something soft, comfortable yet durable enough to withstand all the use for long periods. The best ones for this purpose can be the shaggy knitted carpets which are soft with big woolen threads.

Carpets are said to have a thick backing which should be comfortable so that the congregation can stand on them for longer periods and can also support their knees without any discomfort during, before, or after the prayers.

The basic pillar of Islam is cleanliness, and it is advised to pray in a clean and pure place. Therefore, when choosing a mosque rug thinking is necessary to get a rug that will be easy to clean and easier to maintain.

The mosque rugs or carpets should be made to have a noise absorption or cancellation effect which would work with the hollow upper areas of the mosque structure. It will cancel the traffic noises while still echoing the sound of the adhan.

The mosque carpets should be protective, having them with fire resistance fibers can come in handy in unforeseen situations. Similarly, the carpets should be able to mask the temperature changes and keep the people safe from too hot or too cold temperatures.