5 unique interior design themes to rock with the Wishbone Dining Chair

The understated design of the Wishbone Dining Chair has made it quite the versatile furniture piece. It is widely appreciated by designers and homeowners alike on its visual flexibility and its ability to be paired up with many different styles of interior designs. If you’re wondering just which types of themes you can feature this chair in, we’ve compiled a handy list for you right below. Let’s take a look:

  1. Eclectic


One of the best things about the Wishbone Dining Chair is that despite its gorgeous wood finish, it can be easily painted over. This makes it the perfect dining chair choice to furnish an eclectic dining area with. This type of theme embraces uniqueness and versatility, so you can paint the Wishbone Dining Chair in various colors. A number of artfully colored chairs can be paired up with a simple and understated dining table to make the theme feel wholesome and visually pleasing.

  1. Contemporary


Mix and match seems to be the kind of theme that the Wegner Wishbone Dining Chair can fully embrace. The sleek curvature and simplicity of the chair delivers the perfect amount of drama and elegance to elevate a contemporary themed dining room. You can create a wholesome ambiance by choosing complementary furniture and capping off the whole look with beautiful artwork, light fixtures, and flooring.

  1. Farmhouse country chic


The farmhouse country-chic style pays homage to the rustic side of things without losing any of its underlying sophistication. You can design a beautiful and highly appetizing dining area with this theme. The Wishbone Dining Chairs can be paired with a table that features understated finishes. The chairs themselves have to be light in colors. Add in a lot of boho-chic textures like jute or sisal rugs, cotton-ball light fixtures, rustic accessories, and lots of green planters.

  1. Rustic style


The rustic style is semi-traditional with a twist. The timeworn quality of this look can also make a nice home for the Wishbone Dining Chair. You can start off by either choosing darkly finished chairs or picking them in a finish that highlights their natural wood aesthetic. You can pair them with a stylistic dining table, old-school area rugs, and statement light fixtures that embrace this theme and own it. You’ll definitely get something unique out of it.

  1. Modern


And lastly, you can feature the Wishbone Chair in a modern style interior design. As a modernistic piece of furniture, it would feel right at home within the sleek ambiance of such a theme. You can complement the chairs with a stylish dining table, nice complementing accessories, light fixtures, and décor. Just make sure that everything remains as refined and austere as the theme promises to be.

As you can see, the Wishbone Dining Chair can complement a number of themes. It’s a good furniture choice for when you need something understated and elegant to complement an otherwise hard-to-furnish theme.

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