8 Cosy Autumn-Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Even outside of the season of autumn, many residents are infatuated with its wonderful aesthetic. The crunch of fallen leaves, the beguiling gradient of changing trees, as well as the cosiness of pine-scented candles and wool blankets all contribute to an appealing style. The aesthetics are so appealing, in fact, that many design their home to have an autumnal vibe, adopting key elements of the season’s romantic identity and bringing it inside their property.

To celebrate this marvellous endeavour, we’re sharing eight of our favourite autumn-inspired interior design ideas, those so cosy they’ll have you feeling comfortable all year round.

Dried Flowers

Having flowers inside the home is something that many will enjoy. However, it can be a shame when they begin to wilt. Dried flowers are a fantastic solution since they last far longer and, in the right circumstances, even indefinitely. Simply add a simple collection of wonderful dried flowers, from rabbit tails to eucalyptus, to jars and showcase them around your home.

Exposed Wood

Instead of painting over your hardwood or finishing it with a glossy stain, embrace its natural imperfections. By doing this, your home will feel far closer to nature. Dark woods and those with textures add an extra dimension to an interior too.

Personal Cabin

Escaping to a hidden log cabin isn’t a farfetched idea. In fact, more residents are seeking out log cabins for sale and, as a result, they are appearing more often in the gardens of residential areas across the country. Whether replacing sheds or occupying a different part of a large open space, having a personal log cabin can offer an amazing space within which to get cosy.

Organic Details

Instead of placing plastics and brightly coloured bric-a-brac upon your shelves, choose more muted, organic embellishments instead. Pale, earthy colours are calming and materials like wood and glass have a more considered, elegant presence than plastic alternatives.

Avoid Angles

Harsh edges and pointed corners are the signatures of modernity. Autumnal vibes, however, rely upon nature. This means swapping your angles for smooth alternatives, with squares being displaced by circles and points for curves.

Alternative Materials

Autumn isn’t solely about wood. There are a number of aesthetically appealing materials that are very welcome within a home that have many of the same quality of wood within the potentially overwhelming presence. Rattan, for example, is a light material, both literally and stylistically.

Rethinking Colour

One of the best qualities of autumn is the colour palette. It is a profile that is easily introduced to other areas of the home, with greens and browns being very versatile and, currently, very fashionable too. When choosing your shade, it is best to select the more understated shades, since they can be balanced well with other colours.

Celebrate Fabrics

Rich fabrics imbue a home with cosiness. And, while dense wools and tweed might not be entirely useful for hot summer days, there are many lighter variations that can be enjoyed instead. Additionally, these autumnal fabrics can be incorporated into a home in other ways too, with tweed even being used for lampshades!