Cleaning Football Mats

Sanitizing football mats are practical and inexpensive, and it also has many other benefits, and one of them is its maintenance.

Synthetic grass lasts for a long time, but it is advisable to maintain it correctly to enjoy 100% of it over the years. Fulfilling this maxim, your artificial grass will always look new.


Although artificial grass doesn’t need water the way natural grass does, it does require that you water it once every one or two months. This helps the lawn stay clean and fresh.

With Sanitizing Perfume

Artificial grass can be exposed to bacteria, and therefore sanitizing perfume is the perfect option to prevent their proliferation.

If you have small children at home, this solution is ideal; it is also ideal for pets.

Artificial Turf Care

The stains do not adhere to the artificial grass’s fibers; it is advisable to remove them in time.

The dry leaves are removed more for aesthetic reasons; for this, it is recommended to use a special brush for artificial grass. In case you do not have this brush, a practical solution is a moistened rake.

Having artificial grass outdoors has some consequences, including the accumulation of dirt and dead insects.

Take care of the barbecue embers; although we know that synthetic grass is resistant to fire, it also melts under temperatures above 80º. To prevent this from happening, set up an area without artificial grass for the barbecue, or protect an area with another much more resistant material, for example, stone slabs or fire-retardant rugs.

Furniture alone does not damage artificial grass, but if you drag it, it will likely shed several fibers, something that will spoil its presentation.

What Can Harm Our Artificial Grass?

Here is a series of external factors that can harm our artificial turf.

Dry Leaves

In autumn, the dry leaves begin to fall, and if they are allowed to accumulate, they do not adversely affect the artificial grass. Still, they will allow the accumulation of organic matter.

Dust And Environmental Residues

When you have the artificial grass in an open place, it is exposed to dust and matter that constantly circulates with the air; another unwanted agent is the remains of dead insects.

Pet Pee And Droppings

Your pets may surprise themselves by relieving themselves on synthetic grass. Both pee and stool can be harmful if not removed quickly.

Organic Stains

These stains are not exempt from appearing on synthetic grass, especially if the area’s traffic is continuous.

Chewing Gums

As the gum hardens, it becomes a problem. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the gum as soon as possible; you could use ice.

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