Everything You Need to Know About Spandrel Panels  

What are spandrel panels cladding? If you’ve ever wondered this, you’re not alone. Spandrel panels are often included in new buildings and construction work, yet few people know what they are for or how they are used. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about spandrel panels so that you can use them to their full potential.

What Are Spandrel Panels?

Though they may not be as beautiful as glass, tiles or wooden flooring, spandrel panels play an important role in construction. But what exactly are they? A spandrel panel is any  structure that was installed before or during construction but isn’t actually part of a building’s structure. They were originally designed and built by Christopher Wren and his team at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London during 17th century England, but have now become standard for most major  structures around the world.

What is the Function of Spandrel Panels?

They’re designed to provide a specific function, in addition to strengthening and supporting buildings and other structures. In fact, every spandrel panel is custom-made for each location where it will be placed. Think of these panels as an add-on or additional building material that can support a structure’s strength. Every aspect of construction—from manufacturing to painting—is important and provides added strength and stability during use. For example, fire rated spandrel panels require longer lead times because they’re manufactured separately from other materials used onsite before being installed. In some cases, they must also be painted after installation due to various safety standards that vary by industry and location (such as those set by the building code).

In modern architecture, spandrel panels are typically used as dividers between windows or rooms. The triangular panels are frequently found on   and above entrances and doors, where their job is to support that overhanging roof. They can be assembled to match the exact profile of your domer roof and built to specification. In addition, many people choose spandrels for practical reasons; you can quickly install these prefabricated panels without having to hire a specialist.

Why You Should Install Them in Your Home

When people think of architectural features, they typically think of something big, expensive and impossible to install. For example, it’s hard for a homeowner to put a large statue in his or her garden because it’s going to cost an enormous amount of money and will require special permits. But there are other decorative elements you can use that won’t cost as much and don’t require a professional contractor. One of these is spandrel panels.

They are normally used in walls to add some extra   and character without drawing too much attention from your neighbours. What makes them so good at keeping a low profile? They come in various sizes, styles and colours. And best of all, installing them doesn’t have to be complicated!

What are the Advantages of Spandrel Panels?

The strongest advantage of spandrel panels is that they allow architects, builders and property owners to take advantage of open spaces without compromising on privacy or aesthetics. The design flexibility offered by these panels make them a popular choice for many homeowners. As compared to other wall systems, spandrels have a high resistance against loads, which means that you can use them for a long time without worrying about their structural integrity.

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