How To Understand Death from Spiritual and Religious Views?

In case of death in your home, do not miss it immediately after calling your doctor, contact a 24-hour funeral agency burial services brampton.

Don’t be shocked

The moment is a serious test of the emotional and mental state of the surrounding grieving. Get together and connect with a 24-hour mourning agency, then indulge in the emotion.

Advice on the deceased at home

Whatever advice given will not be enough, because the entire family is aware of the difficulties of dying at home and experiencing such a shock. However, if this happens, the living must make sure the deceased “walks in” as quickly and lightly as possible for himself and safely for his relatives this time.

Because it is a long and big transition – a kind of status change that cannot happen without the relatives of the deceased. They must make sure that, from a living person with his place among the earthly people, the deceased moves and finds a place in the hierarchy of ancestors, does not wander on the road, does not stop in his movement. In order to do this, the living are required to take certain mandatory actions, and strict prohibitions are imposed. Because at the beginning of the transition there is a danger of the intermediate space, in which the wandering souls have failed to leave the earth at all, though they are not at all, and have failed to become in the society of “pure” souls, to obtain their status there.

To stay in the middle means to stay in the chaos, in the unorganized world, the darkness, not to have your exact boundary, restriction, definition, to penetrate accordingly into foreign, forbidden territory and to be dangerous for the people who are there. It is a demonic world parallel to the real world, in which the deceased should not fall not only for his own sake, but also for the peace and safety of his loved ones. And since this can still happen, from the first moment of death a split, a double attitude towards the deceased, appears.

He is the closest person to be mourned for but also a potentially dangerous soul at the border of the worlds. Stepped into chaos and darkness, she is still able to be a mediator, bringing danger from there. The dead approaches status to the unbaptized child, except that his path is out, beyond the door. There, he no longer needs his earthly personality. It is as if it has to merge with nature, with its primary fertility, before it emerges with a new face, to cross into another world, into another order. But before that, he was still dangerous to his earthly acquaintances. It will cease to be a threat until it has wandered beyond chaos into the organized celestial world of ancestors, protecting and assisting living descendants. This does not take three, nine or 40 days, but a whole year. And strict compliance with all requirements and prohibitions.

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