Knowing the Difference Between Gardening and Landscaping

While gardening and landscaping are about maintaining beautiful, functional outdoor spaces, there are some key differences. Both can be hobbies or professions in tiny backyards or parks, golf courses, and building complexes. Although there are many similarities between gardening and landscaping, they have their differences. The line between them is often blurred and subjective.

Both landscaping and gardening involve planning, design, and maintenance. However, gardening is usually limited to the plants within a given space. The landscape is the area that includes all plants.

All About Landscaping’s History

Dutch artists used “landschaps” in the sixteenth century to describe landscapes on land. The Dutch term “landscape” is a modern English term that refers visually to outdoor spaces. The art of landscaping involves creating an image for a space and then visualizing that picture. Landscaping integrates botanical elements into the space, such as trees and shrubbery as well as hardscapes like pathways, furniture, and planting beds.

Landscape Design Professionals

Designers, contractors, and landscape architects all provide overlapping services. To become a landscape architect, you must have a degree in architecture. The American Society of Landscape Architects explains that these professionals can work on many projects, including designing and implementing residential yards, planning transportation facilities, resorts, and waterfront developments. Although landscape designers don’t need formal education, professional associations can accredit them based on their work history.

Landscape contractors may not be required to work with designers after they have completed the design process. Designers usually work on residential or small-scale projects. Landscape contractors are responsible for implementing the designer’s vision by building and incorporating hardscape and other botanical elements. They can also limit their business to maintaining gardens and yards, which is essentially gardening.

Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening is similar to landscaping. However, it involves planning, design, and maintenance. In most cases, however, gardening only involves the plants within a given space. While landscape designers and gardeners may draw a plan for a garden and create a list of plants, it is the gardeners who will plant, weed and cultivate the plants. Although a garden is a part of a landscape, it can also be used as supplemental planting. A landscaper or gardener will also be needed depending on the space. Landscape design ideas for backyards will differ from those needed to beautify a parking lot or apartment building.

Gardening requires ongoing care and attention. From experience and education, it requires knowledge of many natural processes, including soil ecology, climates, and plant physiology.


Gardening refers to the act of growing plants. It can be anything from a single plant to a whole garden that includes many plants. This involves caring for and growing plants in either pots or the ground.

Landscaping is a more professional gardening method, both in its design and construction of ponds or sculptures. Landscape design is the art and science of enhancing outdoor spaces with plants and other structures. Public gardens and recreational areas can also be included in large-scale projects.

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