Persian carpet designs


The different types of carpets in Persia can be divided into three distinct categories:

  • Roaming
  • Village / City / Town
  • Royal Court Companies

This makes the types of carpet in Persia that you see today so different. On the one hand, they all come from ancient Persia (modern-day Iran), which makes many of them highly desirable.

… But the fact that there were 3 different “types” of synthetic… three lines of culture simultaneously – means that there is color, pattern, style and genre for almost everyone.

So how do you go about identifying the types of Persian carpet?

While an expert will easily be able to distinguish Tabriz from the Heriz text, as well as Kashan from Isfahan, can you? Here are some features of each carpet that will help you to impress anyone.

Types of Persian Carpet

Tabriz Carpets

Tabriz mates come from Tabriz, the capital of Azerbaijan and are one of the oldest weaving centers in the region. These are high-quality carpets with lots of wool or wool / silk and cotton or silk warp.

Patterns ranging from teardrop medals to colorful, trees and hunting scenes. Antique Tabriz carpet is very valuable and can only be found in specialized collections and museums.

Gabbeh carpets

Woven by the weavers of Qashqai and Luri in the Zagros mountains, the nation’s influence is most evident on the Gabbeh carpet. Made of handmade local wool, these cabinets are thick and rough and the designs are simple and woven in a green plain field. Only natural dyes are used and the most common colors for cabinets are orange, yellow, rust, or red.

Afshar Carpets

These cabinets usually incorporate national designs. Afshar carpets usually use red, blue, brown, and ivory. They are grouped together by the Afshar tribe in Southeast Iran. Older Afshars are smaller in size and modern copies of this carpet come in a larger size.

Birjand Carpets

These cabinets represent the excellent quality of Persian carpets made in Iran and have excellent details resulting from their woven patterns.

Chenar Carpets

It usually consists of a single line of diamond-shaped medallions. Chenar mats are often classified as Hamedan carpets.

Benefits of Persian Carpet

Persian and Oriental rugs are simply made with more detail in detail than other modern carpets. They do not provide permanent home benefits, but it can be a lucrative business over time. By giving a large amount of emotion they can enhance the beauty tone of the whole room and remain solitary, a masterpiece that is carefully crafted.

Captured by modern carpets, Persian carpets are clearly better than the natural environment of the Earth. They are made of natural sour dye and fabric both less hot than modern synthetic textile carpets. They release less allergen compared to other modern carpets and for this reason have a long-lasting benefit and a good performance.