Possible Causes for Malfunction in GE Monogram Refrigerator and Ways to Troubleshoot

Every Detail Counts: Monogram Refrigerator Reviews + Guide | Duerden's  Appliance & Mattress | Salt Lake City, UTGE Monogram appliances are known for their innovation and creativity. Their refrigerators are in top demand. Even though they are luxurious brands, the GE Monogram refrigerator being an electronic appliance often faces technical problems, especially not cooling. Hence, repairing and maintenance are equally important. 

Even repairing common GE Monogram appliance problems, like not cooling, is not easy until the root cause is not found. Here is a list of problems that may create a malfunctioned refrigerator. 


One of the causes of a refrigerator not cooling includes a broken temperature sensor (thermostat) and problems with the compressor board. With a multimeter, check the thermostat resistance. Even after setting the thermostat properly, the refrigerator still won’t cool, it may need replacement. Consult a technician if necessary.

Evaporator Fan

The second most common reason for inadequate refrigerator cooling is the evaporator coil. Corrosion or dirt accumulation can obstruct airflow, which will impact the fan and cooling. For optimum cooling, check the fan, clean the coil, and make sure there are no obstructions or leaks. If it still doesn’t cool, then you may need to contact a technician to replace it. 

Condenser Coil

Dust, dirt, or pet hair accumulate on condenser coils thereby obstructing heat transfer and refrigerator cooling. Clean the coils with a vacuum or brush. Test the fan to ensure that it is functioning properly. Consider hiring a specialist if the problem persists.

Door Seal and Overstuffing 

Your GE Monogram refrigerator may not be adequately cooled if the door seal (gasket) is damaged. Examine the item for damage or alignment issues and replace it if necessary. Insufficient ventilation in your refrigerator prevents adequate cooling. For effective circulation, leave space between objects and avoid obstructing vents. 

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