Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Dining Table

The dining table is a central piece of furniture for many of us. On the one hand because of the size and on the other hand because many apartments and houses have open living and dining areas and it is right in the middle of the action. So if a new table comes into the house, you should ask yourself a few questions beforehand for buying the right Dining Tables for sale.

How Much Space Do I Have?

Do not squeeze a huge table in your mini-dining room and place it in a dining area that is the size of a train station hall, not a miniature model. The proportions always have to be right. So measure out your dining area well and also thinks about the practical routines of everyday life and the usual passageways.

How Many People Should Be Able To Sit At The Table?

So that everyone feels comfortable at the table and everything works properly with a knife and fork, each person needs 60 cm in width and 40 cm in depth. At a family celebration, people move closer together: 50 cm in width is enough for each person. So you can work out how big your table should be for two, four or eight people and whether it fits into your dining area.

Which Shape Is Ideal For Me: Rectangular, Square, Round?

The most popular are the rectangular models. But round and square models also have their advantages, especially since they allow a good discussion among all guests. If such tables are again too big think of the huge, round tables at wedding celebrations you sit too far apart and then you can only talk to the left or right. If you have tight spaces, rectangular and square tables are better. You can easily put it in a corner.

Which Legs Do I Like?

Four legs are classic. But even a single table leg looks chic. Many models also have two inner legs or star feet. The advantage of the single table foot and the inner legs is that you can place the chairs more freely – without the guests getting caught in any table legs.

How Should My Dining Table Be: Cozy, Functional, Stylish?

Every table has a look. Due to its material, shape and size, it looks angular, rustic, original or simply practical. Think about what your future model should ideally be like.

Which Material And Which Style Go With My Interior?

Because a dining table is a large piece of furniture, it has a significant impact on the style of living. So think about what goes with your look that you are already living. Is it the natural wooden table, the elegant glass table or is it the uncomplicated plastic model?

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