Things To Know About Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene Outdoor Carpets

We have already said that polypropylene rugs are waterproof and so much so that many of them are suitable for the outdoors, wearing palm hearts on terraces, porches, and swimming pools. Of course, the pool does not come with the carpet; you have to put it.

Saving that minor inconvenience, we will have a carpet that will accompany us from inside to outside the house or vice versa, since it likes to work overtime and it is both harsh weather and warm interiors.

These are rugs with a delicate braid (about 5mm) and a scalloped finish.

Geometric or abstract designs in which color is the protagonist are its hallmark in a rug that is as easy to maintain as it is to enjoy.

Dense Polypropylene Rug With Wool Texture

We are already learning that polypropylene rugs are very good at representing and mimicking many traditional carpet textures and finishes, only with a lot more emphasis on the practical side.

Thick Polypropylene Carpet

This model is made from a thick braid in the form of braids (pun intended). Beyond its thickness of 12 mm, which is not excessive, its density of 2500 g / m2 of warm and cozy carpet stands out.

It doesn’t seem very easy to believe from its texture and appearance that it is not a pure virgin wool rug, and yet it is relatively simply pure virgin polypropylene.

It is a carpet that becomes homey and is crying out for warm and elegant dressing of floors in living rooms and bedrooms, asking in return for little more than a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth from time to time.

Polypropylene Kitchen Mat

Unimat  have already said it: kitchens and vinyl rugs are loved, sought after, and are an inseparable couple. Like cream and strawberries or Pedroche and controversy, they will inevitably hit it off because, for that, vinyl and polypropylene is a waterproof, resistant, and washable material.

The primary requirement that we ask of a kitchen mat is that it be washable in the first place. Second, make it durable. Also, that it is thin and flat so as not to trip when cooking.

And if in addition to all that it has an excellent design, we no longer have to look any further. That is why polypropylene kitchen rugs are the umpteenth incarnation of this type of rugs so versatile (did we already say it?) And so beneficial for our floors.

We have given you seven examples, but we had more like custom-made polypropylene rugs without going any further. In any case, these models are an excellent example of what polypropylene vinyl rugs can do for the decoration of your floors.

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