What are the tools used in food processing?

Food Processing is the process of transforming raw ingredients into edible products that are safe for consumption.Food processing can be done through different methods including cooking, drying, freezing, fermenting, grinding, roasting, smoking, and many others. Here are some tools used in food processing.


A blender is a kitchen appliance that can blend, chop, mince, puree, or crush ingredients into a smooth consistency. A blender has two parts: the base and the lid. The base contains the motor, while the lid holds the blades.

There are different types of blenders, including stand-up, countertop, immersion, and hand-held. Stand-up blenders have a tall base and a handle attached to the top.

Countertop blenders have a flat base and a small handle. Immersion blenders have a long blade that fits inside a container. Hand-held blenders have a short blade and a handle.

Food processor

Food processors are kitchen appliances that help prepare foods by chopping, slicing, dicing, shredding, grating, mixing, kneading, and blending. They consist of three parts: the bowl, the cover, and the motor.

The bowl holds the ingredients, the cover holds the blade, and the motor turns the blade. Some models include a measuring cup and a storage container.


Juicers are kitchen appliances that extract juice from fruits and vegetables. They work by cutting through the skin and pulp of produce using a rotating blade.

This creates juice that is free from fiber and seeds. You can use a juicer to make fresh juices, nut milks, and vegetable soups.


A grinder is a device that breaks down solid matter into smaller pieces. This can be done through mechanical means or chemical means. A common example of a mechanical grinder would be a blender. Blenders use blades to break down solids.

These blades could be metal, plastic, ceramic, etc. However, blenders usually have moving parts, which makes them prone to failure. On the other hand, a coffee grinder does not have any moving parts.

Coffee grinders use friction between two surfaces to crush and pulverize the beans. They do this by using a rotating surface inside a stationary container.


A chopper is a machine that chops solid matter into small pieces. This can be accomplished mechanically or chemically. A mechanical chopper uses blades to chop solids.

These blades can be metal, plastic, or ceramic. However, they are often driven by motors, which make them prone to failure.

A chemical chopper uses chemicals to chop solids. Common examples of chemical choppers include mortar and pestle, spice mills, and food processors.


A dehydrator is a machine that dries out moisture from foods. This can be done by exposing foods to heat or air. There are many different types of dehydrators, including ovens, microwave ovens, and solar dryers. Ovens and microwaves both expose foods to heat, while solar dryers use the sun’s rays to dry out foods.


These tools make the entire processing of food  easy and save time too  and eventually can  increase the production of the product.